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Update 957 ChangeLog

- Add New Donation thing
- Add New MAP
- New Island War
- New Sky Arena
- New Edinburgh Concepts
- Add New Quest for Cape
- Add New Quest for Coloring Armor
- Update Antihack

Update 857 ChangeLog

-We will make More Upgrade At Ring , Neck , And Cape Donation
-We make some quest with Party Concept
-We Use some all Item Useless to Become something for in game .
-Update Shield HoF and Arm HoF Stats
-Update New Rules For RYL Revolution
-Update Working Management Team in game
( So Player will be Easy if you need to find some GM / Admin in game )
-Update Ring Normal (Quest)
-Fix Puzzle Board Quest

RYL (Risk Your Life)


Honestly here is 100% base on farming and Hard working player.

We open RYL Olympians for true lover RYL Player who want to spend time for playing RYL without spend any MONEY to be strong.
Accessories base on Quest (Ring , Necklace and Cape)

Levelling Level 95

COME and FUN with Us
RYL (Risk Your Life) NEW OLYMPIANS :
- Best MMORPG3d Games On-line
- More Levelling, Crafting, Quest, Wars.
- Based Server Asia and Europe
- More Event, Cash Reward, Gift From Our sponsor
- More Gathering Event
- Door-prize Event In-game and OutGame
- GET Total REWARD Rp.30.000.000 for Next Season June - December
- More Supported By Media Partner, Sponsored, Radio, Local Television, Tabloid and all Best Forum Games International.
Welcome to all Our Sponsored and media Partner
Coming soon New Office, Net Station, and Cafe RYL NEW OLYMPIANS in Bandung, Bogor and Jakarta.

Come join our Community RYL Olympians
Let be the Legend in RYL Olympians



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